XU’s eLearn launches anti-cheating SpyCamera feature


XU Office of Student Awareness (XU OSA) launched a new anti-cheat monitoring update on XU eLearn on April 20. In order to avoid online distractions during class hours, the new feature includes the monitoring of students’ activity through their device’s internal cameras when logged in.

As XU continues flexible learning in the next AY,  the said system update, called SpyCam, works like a CCTV but without the recording, with Wi-Fi to transmit surveillance footage to a cloud-based server over the internet. This systematic work allows the monitoring department to view the footage on any internet-connected device to the said eLearn account. Head of XU OSA Monitoring Department Evanell Superbass shares, “To put it simply, we will utilize whatever cameras you have on your devices and watch you while you take a test. Not any more than that, swear! hehe.”

According to an administrational statement on June 25, the launching of the new monitoring system was held after certain ‘undesirable events’ came to light recently. Some of the reported cases were during Professor Emmy C. Kyu’s Botany class. She shared that she caught one of her students doing TickTock dances, specifically practicing the trending My Neck, My Back dance craze. She also added that she even called out a group of boys in one of her classes. “I caught them playing this Leg of Lodi game with their microphones unmute, yelling these masamang mga words noh, I was in shock, ambastos grabe.”

This automated camera feature will see if students are paying attention to class or just binge-watching their favorite series on Netflex. In addition, this new eLearn property would also know if a student opens other tabs or if they (students) are sleeping during classes even with their cameras off. Technical Head of XU OSA Monitoring Department Manny Delgado shares, “Perhaps, one unique part of this update na among ginalook forward is ma-monitor namo kinsa jud ang active na ganavigate sa eLearn, mga ga-share share og handouts because this time we got our eyes on them na jud.”

The SpyCam will take effect in AY 2021-2022.C

Disclaimer: This story is a lampoon or a satirical article, and is entirely a work of fiction and humor. Any resemblance to real persons or life events in this story is purely coincidental. Lampoon articles are written as entertainment and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, and no malice is intended, nor should any be construed from the satirically based stories.

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