XU to provide free vaccines for the University Community


On April 20, University President Fr Mars P. Tan SJ stated in Memorandum #U2021-071 XU’s plans to avail of Novavax COVID Vaccines for students and employees, 18 years old and above.

Novavax COVID Vaccine, NVX-CoV2373, is a protein-based vaccine candidate made from American biotechnology company Novavax. It demonstrated 89.3% efficacy in the UK phase 3 trial.

Tan highlighted the importance of attaining herd immunity, and that vaccination is the most effective method of achieving this. He expressed, “I strongly urge everyone in our University community, especially those in the Priority Groups to get vaccinated as early as they possibly can.”

In the event that the early vaccines supplied by the Local Government Units (LGUs) cannot be availed, XU aims to provide them to the University community for free.

The order for the vaccines have already been made through UNILAB but may take several months to arrive in the city.

Tan concluded by encouraging the community to continue to comply to health protocols in the meantime and to be vigilant with misinformation.C

Nia Enrille Rabanes

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