Cora G accepts the challenge!

Illustration by Sumayyah Caris

I’ve been productive in my room lately and you have no idea how hard I’ve been trying. Have I been studying? Yes. Does it involve any of my academic responsibilities? DING DONG, YOU ARE WRONG! I’ve been studying dance steps for hours—extending my arms, moving my leg up and down, and shaking my body. If you’re wondering what I’m up to, I’m mastering Tala-tala by Kutsara G! Surprised? I know what you’re thinking. As someone who stayed in the University for who knows how many years, I should focus on marching in March. But this may be a game-changer for me since I never knew I’d be this good in dancing, knowing my grades in PE were something I was never proud of.

Gosh, I’ve been hearing this song everywhere I go. This has been my breakfast, lunch, and dinner jam whenever I visit my favorite Tapsihan near XU, so it would be a shame if I didn’t know the dance myself. Actually, it’s great timing for ya gurl Cora G to be practicing since XU has accepted the Tala-tala Dance Challenge after being tagged by a sister university on social media. Wow, what a way of justifying the Atenean spirit. Me likey.

*Ding* That was obviously my phone, and to my surprise, I’ve been added in a group chat. Woah woah woah, is this for the dance challenge? Well, I’ll be damned, they’re really taking this seriously, huh? Isn’t everyone busy for the midterms? Of course, as a straggler, I am expected to focus on my academics given that I have the highest chance of bagging another loyaltea award for staying longer than your ex. Anyway, I’m quite amazed by the efforts made for the success of the dance challenge. *eherm* Sana always.

It’s not my thing to ask questions but, what on a non-flat Earth is happening here? First of all, I know what fun is, I’m not that anti-social and mean. The thing is, I’m surprised by the amount of support this challenge is getting—not just from the biggest organizations of the University but from the staff as well. Where was this kind of support when our LGBTQIA+ students demanded equal treatment in our own University? I’m not going to mention every single thing we turned our eyes and ears away from, you guys already know what I’m trying to say.

You may say, “What’s her problem? What does she know anyway?” Well, If I had a peso for every time I’d see that look on that face of yours, I’d be able to pay my dues twice! Aren’t we taking this challenge too seriously? How I wish this kind of unity existed consistently. Aren’t our students ranting enough on Twitter about the requirements given to them, and how they’re exhausted from all the impossible deadlines that are too short for them? “But Cora, it was for a cause!” Oh, silly me! It’s for fundraising? According to my calculations, the decision of accepting the challenge existed before they wanted to use it to raise funds, but whatever. I’ve pointed out issues far greater than this. Hence, my last name.

In my uncountable years of staying here in my beloved University, where being an Atenean is worn more proud than ever, I am expecting XU to know better. Though, before I move away from the spotlight, I hope you find me in the Dance Challenge video doing my best efforts in the middle of the crowd. You better find me, I ignored my assignments for that!C

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