TheCruchever, the official lampoon version of TheCrusader, contains articles that aims to tackle University, local, and national issues through the use of satire. It is represented by its official lampoon icon, Cora Contrabida.

  • Sakura trees bloom in the XU main campus

    As revealed in memorandum #Sakura2021 by University President Fr. Mercury D. Rugstorr, a special surprise project is in the works, which entails that the Corrales Main Campus will undergo an exterior landscape redesigning with the addition of cherry trees within its premises. Cherry trees are the bearers of cherry blossoms, ...
  • PH receives Gold Play Button for surpassing 1M COVID-19 subscribers

    The Philippines received the Gold Creator Award from the video-sharing site MeTube, after amassing one million subscribers on its ever-growing COVID-19 channel. This win came after the country recorded 8,929 new cases on April 26, bringing the country’s total COVID-19 channel subscribers to 1,006,428. This was a big leap as ...
  • XU’s eLearn launches anti-cheating SpyCamera feature

    XU Office of Student Awareness (XU OSA) launched a new anti-cheat monitoring update on XU eLearn on April 20. In order to avoid online distractions during class hours, the new feature includes the monitoring of students’ activity through their device’s internal cameras when logged in. As XU continues flexible learning ...
  • Edi ikaw na lang mag presidente!

    The sharp, acidic pang of tarpaulin ink takes over me. I am both nauseated and excited by the stench, for it is the smell of victory—the victory that will be won over by the confident yet polite political smile, the self-assured yet approachable posture, and the words, “Ako na lang ...
  • Cora Contrabida is Unable to Connect

    The apocalypse looms on the horizon with promises of death and disease and the threat of a dystopian future becomes much more probable as the days go on—casualties skyrocket by the thousands, plans for mass testing and contact tracing are apparently non-existent, malls are being shut down (and opened back ...
  • Cora G accepts the challenge!

    I’ve been productive in my room lately and you have no idea how hard I’ve been trying. Have I been studying? Yes. Does it involve any of my academic responsibilities? DING DONG, YOU ARE WRONG! I’ve been studying dance steps for hours—extending my arms, moving my leg up and down, ...
  • Cora Contrabida: The XU Factor

    It feels like I had been in this University since the first Jesuit missionaries had the first bathrooms erected and the first benches built—only for those bathrooms to be vandalized with cell phone numbers and the benches renovated as local venues for Public Display of Affection (PDA)—so it was only ...